Titus Murwa Mulembo

Designation: Assistant Lecturer
Contact: +254 729 061 526
School/Institute: Engineering
Dept.: Mechatronic Engineering
Email: titus.mulembo@dkut.ac.ke

Academic Background

PHD. Mechatronic EngineeringGifu University (Japan)Ongoing
MSc. Mechatronic EngineeringJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology2014
BSc. Mechatronic Engineering
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology

Professional Qualifications

Graduate Engineer (EBK) 2010

Areas of Expertise

  • Material science
  • Vibration control
  • Machining
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Renewable energy
Assistant LecturerDedan Kimathi University of Technology2015 to date
Tutorial Fellow Dedan Kimathi University of Technology 2014-2015
Teaching AssistantDedan Kimathi University of Technology 2010-2014
Trainee EngineerWinafrique Technologies 2009-2010

Other University Responsibilities

Internal attachment coordinator 2011-2014
Examinations Coordinator 2015-2016


  1. Mulembo Titus, Nitta Takahiro , Nagai Gakuji, Tamagawa Hirohisa and Sasaki Minoru “Dielectric Elastomer Actuator: Next Generation Functional Materials for Innovative Robotics” Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology for Development   JASETD, Volume 2, Issue 2, Sept. 2017  ISSN 2309-0936
  2. Titus Mulembo, B. W. Ikua, J. N. Keraita, A. Niyibizi, C. Kagiri, “Numerical Study of Scan Speed Selection and Kerf Depth Prediction in Silicon Laser Machining”, Innovative Systems Design and Engineering ISSN 2222-1727 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2871 (Online) Vol.6, No.5, 2015

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

  1. Mulembo Titus, Nitta Takahiro , Nagai Gakuji, Tamagawa Hirohisa and Sasaki Minoru “Carbon nanotube-based dielectric elastomer for biomimetic actuators” Robomech conference June 2018, Kitakyushu
  2. Minoru Sasaki, Toshifumi Kojima, Kojiro Matsushita, Satoshi Ito, Titus Mulembo, Ilhamdi Muhammad Rusydi, “Identification and Discrimination of the Limb Motions Using Brain Waves from Motor Imagery” ISSN  1951-6851  2nd International Conference on Control, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (CAAI 2017)
  3. E. wangui, B.W. Ikua, G.N Nyakoe, T. Mulembo., “Prediction of width and depth of cut in laser machining of PMMA using CO2 laser”, KSEEE-JSAEM conference, 2012    

Awards, Scholarships and Recognitions

MEXT scholarship japan for PHD 2016-2019


1. Fabrication, simulation and control of dielectric elastomer actuators (ongoing)
2. Laser micromachining of silicon

Research Interests

  • Soft transducers
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Laser machining FEM simulation
  • FEM simulation

Affiliation/Membership to Professional Bodies

  • EBK – Graduate Engineer
  • IEK – Member