Bsc. Mechatronic Engineering

Programme Objectives

  1. To develop an understanding of electronics and computer technology pertaining to the control of mechanical systems and processes.
  2. To develop a systems approach to design of electro-mechanical systems.
  3. To promote the communication and practical skills that allows an innovative and creative interaction with developing technologies in the manufacturing sector.
  4. To build the capacity for training of manpower as well as enhance research in the area of mechatronics

Course Requirements

  • A candidate must have a mean aggregate of at least grade B –
  • The mean grade for the total score in the four cluster subjects must be at least B (plain)
  • In the individual cluster subjects, a candidate must have at least the scores given below:
    • Mathematics C+
    • Physics C+
    • Chemistry C+
    • Geography or Biology, or any group IV subject C+